Bộ Lưu Điện Makelsan 6-10kva POWERPACK RT PRO SERIES

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Công xuất: 6-10kva

Xuất xứ: Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

Bộ Lưu Điện Makelsan POWERPACK RT PRO SERIES 6-10kva

  Capacity 6kVA / 5.4kW 10kVA / 9kW
  Phase 3 Phase 4 Wires and Ground or Single Phase & Ground
  Rated Voltage 380/400/415Vac or 220/230/240VAC
  Voltage Range 208~478Vac or 120VAC-276VAC
  Frequency Range 40Hz-70Hz
  Power Factor ≥0.99
  Current THDi ≤5% (100% Nonlinear Load)
  Bypass Voltage Range Max. Voltage: +15% (Optional +5%, +10%, +25% ) Min. Voltage: -45% (Optional -20%, -30%)
  Frequency Protection Range: ±10%
  ECO Range Same As The Bypass
  Generator Input Support
  Phase Single Phase & Ground
  Rated Voltage 220/230/240VAC
  Power Factor 0.9
  Voltage Regulation ±2%
  Frequency Utility Mode ±1%, ±2%, ±4%, ±5%, ±10% of The Rated Frequency (Optional)
  Battery Mode (50±0.2) Hz
  Crest Factor 3:1
  THD ≤2% With Linear Load; ≤5% With Non-linear Load
  Waveform Pure Sinewave
  Efficiency ECO Mode 97%; Normal Mode 90%
  Voltage Standard: 192Vdc; Optional Voltage: 216/240Vdc
  Backup Time Full Load 2min( Standard), Long Time Unit Depends on The Capacity of External Batteries
  Estimated Remaining Time Displayed on the LCD
  Recharge Time to 90% 8~10 Hours (Standard)
  Charging Current Maximum Current 6A; Charge Current can be Set According to Battery Capacity Installed.
  Battery Socket Hardwire
  Transfer Time Utility to Battery : 0ms; Utility to Bypass: 0ms
  Overload AC Mode Load 110%: Last 3min, 125%: Last 30S, 150%: Last 1S, 150% Shut Down UPS Immediately
  Bat. Mode Load 110%: Last 30S, 125%: Last 1S, 150%: Last 200ms, 150% Shut Down UPS Immediately
  Bypass Mode 40A (Input Breaker) 60A (Input Breaker)
  Short Circuit Hold Whole System
  Overheat Line Mode: Switch to Bypass; Backup Mode: Shut Down UPS Immediately
  Battery Low Alarm and Switch off
  Self-Diagnostics Upon Power On and Software Control
  EPO (Optional) Shut down UPS Immediately
  Battery Complies with EN62040-2
  Audible & Visual Line Failure, Battery Low, Overload, System Fault
  Status LED & LCD Line Mode, Backup Mode, Eco Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Overload & UPS Fault
  Reading on the LCD Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage, Battery Voltage, Inner
  Temperature & Remaining Battery Backup Time
  Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) 443×131(3U)×580
  Weight (kg) 23 25
  Input Connection Hardwire
  Output Connection Hardwire
  External Battery Connection Hardwire
  Comunication Interface USB (Optional) , RS485 (Optional) , Parallel Port (Optional) , SNMPCard (Optional) ,Centralized Monitoring Card (Optional)
  Operating Temperature 0~40°C
  Storage Temperature -25°C~55°C
  Humidity 0%~95% (Non-Condensing)
  Altitude <1500m
  Safeity Conformance CE,EN/IEC 62040-2,EN/IEC 62040-1-1

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